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Who are you?
I'm a UK-based owner of a Toyota GR Yaris. I do not have any staff or moderator roles on any other websites. You may have met me.

With the traffic we've had today, the website is not expensive to run. Many of the upfront costs have already been paid. Notable costs:
  • XenForo - $160/year
  • Domain name - $90/10 years
  • Hosting - $1X/month
In the future, hosting costs are likely to rise, especially if there are a lot of videos or images. I will also need to pay for a service to send emails that can get past spam filters, roughly $0.80/1000 emails.

As this community is in its infancy it would be unconscionable to ask for help with this. For as long as it is feasible there will be no ads or monetisation. I do not plan to sell this website.

  • Behind-the-scenes work to ensure the website is robust and free from disruption
  • Growth of the community
  • Improved theming, removing obvious mistakes in colouring, an optional 'good' logo, a dark theme
  • A open-source, zero-intervention tool to enable users to move their data and posts to another platform
  • Username priority, where a user may claim a name that is already taken if they can prove they had it first on another website
  • Any bug-fixes you report
How to help?
Please be civil, kind, and enthusiastic.