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    It seems like there was one user in this category, which I've rectified. Anyone who has an account should be valid now, please use the contact form if not.
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    CC0 licence until Mr. Toyoda objects.
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    Who are you? I'm a UK-based owner of a Toyota GR Yaris. I do not have any staff or moderator roles on any other websites. You may have met me. Funding With the traffic we've had today, the website is not expensive to run. Many of the upfront costs have already been paid. Notable costs: XenForo...
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    Can I be the first registered vendor again.... PLEASE ;-) :)
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    While we find our feet, vendors may advertise their products in this forum with relative freedom. This is subject to change as the site grows and as the leniency gets abused. If you would like your account to be identified as a vendor, please PM me.
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    Thank you all for your kind words! I have A LOT to work on at the moment, if you've made a request and I haven't got back to you in a few days, please give me a nudge.
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    There are currently some issues sending emails from this server so, for now, you don't need to confirm your email address.
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    Welcome to! I've created this website in the hopes of maintaining a community-focused forum with a clear, focused UI. Please be forgiving of clumsy design while I get things up and running. If you can read this, you should be able to create an account and begin posting!