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    Bathurst Australia

    On 4/12/21 Bathurst 1000.schedule for petrol heads . On Fox or Kayo . Better than LeMans !
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    Roof racks

    Has anybody yet worked out a roof rack for the GR??
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    Fly by wire accelerator

    Asked the GR expert at my local Toyota agent and he says it is common! Stop whinging ! It occurred also on Toyota Hilux utes and an Aus mob do a unit to fix it with programable responses .
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    Fly by wire accelerator

    Asked before about the dead throttle that happens sometimes when starting off and after initial start up . Anybody on this ‘new’ forum got any suggestions?
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    The Three-Cylinder Has Become a Performance Engine

    As an Aussie I have had everything from V8 down to single cylinder outboards! Driven a few V 12 Fezzas but brought up on V6 Lancias . Recommend a very comprehensive book ‘ Lancia with De Virgilio at the Centre’ by Geof Goldberg with a superb description of De Virgilio’s development of the V6...
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    Welcome to

    Ho bloody Ho . Good on yer sport. Whatever happened to independence .