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  1. griff

    GR Zoo

    Not gonna lie I prefer this site’s logo 😄
  2. griff

    Pair of those number plate bung things - £10 posted

    Sold on the other forum innit
  3. griff

    The Three-Cylinder Has Become a Performance Engine

    Still haven’t driven in normal mode, apart from the time I left the petrol station & forgot for a couple of minutes
  4. griff

    Fly by wire accelerator

    Isn’t that the thing to prevent over-revving before it’s warmed up?
  5. griff

    Pair of those number plate bung things - £10 posted

    Afternoon all Thought I’d christen the sales forum with a high value item 😄 Was having a tidy up & found the original pair of painted bungs that I bought & misplaced, meaning I had to buy a second pair! These are painted but if you’re being super picky you might want to redo them (only because...
  6. griff

    Key fob driving location

    In that little cubby near where the armrest isn't
  7. griff

    Welcome to

    Afternoon Since Kinboshi was taken, I've taken on the identity of his nemesis