How To: Tassel Bag Charm

How to: Tassel Bag Charm

This project has evolved from, like all good projects, our general obsession with tassels. This is a really quick easy make that can be adjusted to include almost anything from your stash box, so don’t feel obliged to recreate ours exactly!


You will need: One statement bead, one metal charm, one split ring, one bag charm clip, 3 x 20cm strip of suede, craft wire, round nose pliers & flat nose pliers.

First, use your round nose pliers to turn over the end of a piece of craft wire to make a loop, and thread your statement bead on.


Use the same pliers to make a loop on the other end too – we’ve done a fancy wrapped loop for extra security.


Next, use the flat nose pliers to open one of your loops, and pop your metal charm. Close it afterwards, making sure it’s securely shut.


Grab one of your pieces of suede and loop it through the split ring. Tie a normal overhand knot to turn it into a dangle! Repeat with your other two bits of suede.


Add your bead & charm combo, and then add the bag charm clip too. And that’s it! Fasten to your bag for instant¬†happiness.

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