At Bunyip we believe that crafting should be fun. Everyone can be creative and enjoy flexing their artistic muscles.

We’d like to see people reflecting their unique and individual nature. We’d love it if you’d come and join in with us, in our Exeter shop or via our online channels, while Making Lovely Things!

We’re got funky and unique buttons, bright beads along with all sorts of exciting charms, exclusively designed kits, beautiful handmade jewellery, findings, pliers, wire, threads, and everything you need to make your craft life fulfilling.

We run lots of different workshops, love hosting parties (for big and small crafters) and have a jewellery mending service too, so we hope we can help whatever your beading needs!

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Featured Products

  • Skirt Making & Pattern Drafting
    Skirt Making & Pattern Drafting

    Skirt Making & Pattern Drafting


    Skirt Making & Pattern Drafting


    7th September 2017 

    10:30 – 4:30 with an hour for lunch.

    Tired of skirts that just don’t fit? This unique class will allow you to create a bespoke skirt using your own pattern. In this class you’ll learn how to take your own measurements, draw out your own personal pattern, sew your skirt and insert a zip. An experience not to be missed.

    Suitable for 16 years plus and experience using a sewing machine is useful.

    Fabric is not included in the price but we have a great selection in-store.

  • Embroidery Thread Bundle
    Embroidery Thread Bundle

    Embroidery Thread Bundle


    Embroidery Thread Bundle


    These embroidery thread bundles are the perfect accompaniment to our Zenbroidery kits!

    Each bundle contains 10 skeins of thread – we currently stock 2 brands: duchess and trimits. All of the skeins are 6 strands of 100% cotton thread and 8 metres long.

    There’s 4 colour bundles to choose from! These are:

    Summer Brights: All of our most colourful and bold threads – think bright yellows, pinks and greens!
    Autumn Vintage: A more subtle palette of soft blues, greens, deep reds and matching pastels.
    Winter Freeze: A gorgeous mix of snowy whites and creams, with added cold blues, greys and deep reds.
    Spring Pastel: Lovely light pinks, lilacs and mint!

    All of our mixes vary depending on what we have in the shop so may be different to what you see in the photos, but we promise they will always be a lovely mix of co-ordinating threads in the theme you’ve chosen.

    If you’d like something customised just for you send us a message and we’ll see what we can do!


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